Project Description

The Okra App Framework supports the development of Windows Store applications, in particular those implementing the MVVM pattern.

The Okra App Framework is now available on NuGet. In addition Visual Studio project and item templates are available from the Visual Studio Gallery and Visual Studio extension manager. For more information on either of these options see here.

Getting started and detailed documentation as well as a number of samples are available from the Documentation page.

For more details, and news on the latest releases visit


  • A navigation framework with,
    • Attribute based page and view model discovery using MEF
    • Automatic creation and wiring up of page and view model
    • Passing of parameters to view models upon activation
    • Persistence of navigation and state upon application suspension
  • Built in view-model centric support for Windows 8 contracts
    • Easy integration with the search charm
    • Display and navigate between custom settings panes
    • Sharing of items from your application to other apps
    • Easy integration of share targets to share data from other apps to your application
  • A data framework with,
    • Support for observable collections and data virtualization
    • An extensible framework for the retrieval, processing and display of data from the cloud

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